Airport Development Program, Finavia

Expansion 103,000 m2, once completed in 2020 over 250,000 m2. 1 billion € investment by 2022.

Finnair Cool Cargo

31,000 m2. The most modern European cargo facility. BREEAM certified.

Aviabulevardi II

8,000 m2 business park

Aviabulevardi I office and Clarion hotel

Aviabulevardi I 9,000 m2 business park, Gold LEED certified, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport 258 rooms

Aerola, Housing, refurbishment, Kollaan Voima

Designed by Alvar Aalto. 20 apartments, built in 1953-1955.

Technopolis office H-house

5,000 m2 expansion

Senior house and kindergarten, Hemsö Fastighets AB, YIT

66 apartments for elderly, kindergarten for 60 children. Total 126 apartments for elderly.

Robert Huberintie 16, office building NREP

3,000 m2, business park

Lentäjänpiha and Rälssipuisto Housing YIT

Besides 400 apartments, this area includes also a cozy yard area and a block house.

Flamingo Wing, hotel extension

The biggest hotel in Finland. The Flamingo Entertainment Center hosts more than 4 million visitors every year. 540 rooms.

Backas Manor and Restaurant

Pyhtäänkorventie Housing, SRV

27,000 m2, 460 inhabitants

Manttaalitie Housing, Reserve Capital, Alpha and City of Vantaa

27,000 m2, 500 inhabitants

Urban Blocks Housing, YIT

3,000 inhabitants. “Future of Aviapolis” pilot area.

Park, recreation and stormwater management,
City of Vantaa

Part of Smart&Clean Stormwater project.

Aviabulevardi Business Park building continues

Mondo Office NCC

37,000 m2. Premises for up to 2,700 employees.

South Block, LAK Real Estate

Housing, commercial services, Avia square

Markkatie 11-13 office buildings

Avia Centre Office, YIT

13,600 m2, business park

School and kindergarten,
City of Vantaa

400 scholars, 160 children in kindergarten

Grand Wing, Lujatalo

25,000 m2, business park

Lustikulla Housing City of Vantaa

2030 Helsinki-Vantaa

Airport will host 30 million passengers annually.

Aviapolis Core Area

4,000 residents, 10,000 jobs.

Huber Arch Hall

Renovation and rebuilding: housing and services.

Muura Area

Housing, services and Business Park.

Vantaa tram

Will start operating by 2028. From Eastern Helsinki to Airport. 80,000 passengers daily.

Auramo Area

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